Name: Thunder Lady Bella
Origin: Brazil
FFB LO: 23237
Breeder: José Adalberto do Amaral
Birth Date : 08.04.2002
Color: Black Silver Blotched Tabby - ns 22

Lady Bella is a gorgeous Black Silver, International Champignon, a bit shy but very affectionate. She is relaxed during the day but only until someone invite her to play, because when it happens she cheers up immediately. In the afternoons she likes taking a nap on the refrigerator. She likes to observe our activities over there and to have everybody surrendered to her. She loves to be admired and touched mostly when she eats. She drinks and eats using her paws so she doesn’t let her neck get dirty. It makes us even think it is on purpose.  
She was an extremely careful mother and breast-feeded her babies until they were almost 5 months old. Her biggest passion is my son Guilherme.