Warning: Unhappy lots of people had been asking us for help because of their sick kittens, bought in catteries that doesn’t has any respect for their animals health and life, as for their buyers, what is making me so sad and revolted, specially because of the cats, as maine coons are just wonderful and had been the biggest victims of irresponsible breeders, followed by their owners that trusted in mistaken marketing and chipper prices.

I can’t let warning anymore the importance of to visit the cattery, that need to be regular documented and CLEAN, with out fungus (in general way, all litters or all animals), dirty ears (pay attention if the cats are balancing their head uncomfortable), living in cages, no illuminated, without ventilation, sneezing, tearful, or cough. If visit the cattery isn’t possible, look for trustful references of others buyers as others breeders is really very important to don’t munition bad breeders anymore and to break the condemnation innocents cats and kittens as credulous buyers.

Try to know from what clubs are the breeders and if they situation at the clubs are regular… many clubs and federations had been responsible for late pedigrees when the true is that some breeders are in debit, suspended and even turned out of the clubs and can’t ask for pedigrees anymore for aaaaaaaaaaaany reasons =/

So, if I don’t have the kitten of your dream, maybe I can help you recommending a breeder, always from some AMACOON’s member.

Our kittens leave our home after four months. They are vaccinated, de-wormed, have a health certificate of our vet, FIFé pedigree, exams, microchip and a contract.

Pet Kittens - that means Kittens who are sold not for breeding - are neutered/spayed before leave our home.

Our kittens are for indoor homes only, it’s contractual clause.

The FIFé pedigree , is normally delivered together the kitten, but it can be subjected to delivers by FFB (Brazilian Feline Federation).