Name: BR* LB Master Dandara
Origin: Brazil
FFB LO: 26375
Breeder: Glória Linares
Birth Date: 11.10.2007
Color: Tortie Blotched Tabby & White - f 09 22

Dandara is beautiful, enchanter and seams to know it very well… super hiper affectionate and kisser has all of us under her feet or paws…hehe

She’s Zayah’s and Apache’s daughter, as Cléo, they’re sisters from the same litter. She doesn’t like to much to be at ours arms, but at ours shoulders as birds talkers and make ours visits surprised some times, when she jumps suddenly at theirs shoulders  and “kiss” their faces as saying “well come”…hehe

Definitively, she doesn’t has any preference between us… she is the super star!!!