Nome | Name: BR* CH LB Master Isis
Origem | Origin: Brasil | Brazil
Pedigree FFB LO: 29485
Criador | Breeder: Glória Linares
Nascimento | Born: 27/03/2010 | March, 27 - 2010
Cor | Color: Black Tortie Bloctched Tabby - f 22

CH Justcoons Texas Ranger

Kitty-Up Wyatt Earp
MCO ns
RW-SGC Kitty-Up Skrimshander of Mannahatta
MCO ns
GIC Kitty-Up Geronimo
MCO ds 22
Kitty-Up Black Hills Gold
MCO gs
Kitty-Up Calimity Jayne
MCO ns 09
GC Olde Chelsea Sheridan
MCO n 09 23
Mainelyclassic Roxy of Kitty-Up
MCO fs 09
Justcoons Blue Supreme
Aloa Nifty Wolf
MCO as
CH Allycoons Bright Star
MCO es
Mountaineer Wannaway Jezebel
MCO g 22
Langstteich No'Velle
Langstteich P'Non Plus Ultra
MCO as
Langstteich DD'Ambiente
IC LB Master Cléo 
MCO f 22
Apache of Kudo´s 
MCO d 09 22
Kevin Sky of Kudos
MCO n 22
Jatulmejubad Perceo
MCO ns 22
Flor de Lis Agatha
MCO a 22
Tips N Tails Morning Sun
MCO f 09 22
Angelminds Carlos
MCO ns 22
Tips N Tails Gypsy
MCO n 09 23
Arctic Coon´s Zayah 
MCO n 22
Kititas Onasis
MCO n 22
Kititas Silver Bumle Bee
MCO ns 22
Kititas Roma
MCO f 22
Kititas Katie Melua
MCO n 22
IC Arctic Coon Paparazzi
Kititas Elle McFurrson
MCO n 22