Nome | Name: A*Winerau's O'Malley
Origem | Origin: Austria
Pedigree FFB LO: 033589
Criador | Breeder: Hasitschka Günter
Nascimento | Born: 11/06/2012 | June, 11 - 2012
Cor | Color: Solid Cream (smoke?) e(s)

Winerau Enzo
MCO n 22

IC Quiggley of Magic Lake
MCO d 22
GIC St.John Avalon
MCO ns 09 22
CH Coonyham Buster Brown
MCO n 09 22
Colocoons Silver Sprite
MCO fs
CH Witchbreeds Mauna Loa
MCO fs 22
Witchcats Smoke On The Water
MCO ns 09
Witchcats Little Hellfire
MCO f 22
CH Mydele Edda
MCO n 22
CH Summerfield Valentino
MCO n 22
WW-GIC Honey Hill Tommy Steine
MCO d 22
Honey Hill Just gotta have it
MCO n 22
WW-JW-SW-DSM-EC My Maine av Persicum
MCO f 22
Arctic Coon Gallatazzarai
MCO n 22
IC Honey Hill Lita(o)go
MCO f 22

A Davina High Society MCO es 09 22

Langstteich S'Report MCO e 09 Justcoons Keep Smiling
MCO e 09 22
Aloa Nifty Wolf
MCO as
Tojo Polaris Laura Pausini
MCO g 09 22
Langstteich N'Sunshine Reggae
MCO fs
Langstteich P'Non Plus Ultra MCO as
Langstteich DD'Ambiente
ParadiseIsland Flash Dance, MCO d 22 Super-Star Ramses
MCO d 22
Innvendo Silvi-Cola
MCO ns
GIC Super-Star Leoni
MCO fs 22
Langstteich ES'Appassionata of ParasiseIsland
MCO f 22
Langstteich DD'Esperanto
MCO n 22
Langstteich DD'Amazing
MCO n 22